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Enjoy israel's #1 sweeteners brand!

For over 45 years we have been manufacturing and marketing quality sweeteners. we have a large market share, loyal users and vast distribution in the largest supermarket chains and coffee houses chains.
Matok V’Kal products are diverse and have a notable place in the line of sugar replacements.
The products are manufactured under strict conditions with firm standards from the raw materials to the end products.
Our products provide our customers accessibility to sugarless nutrition and enable the enjoyment of sugarless baking, sugarless cooking, sugarless drinking and even sugarless snacking.

Standards of food safty

Our Best Sellers!

Cotton candy snack made only of dietary fibers
The perfect sweetener – zero calories – Erythritol and stevyiol glycoside based  

Tip of the month

Try to replace sugar powder with Sucra diet!
You can sprinkle Sucra Diet on your dessert, just as you would sugar powder, the perfect sweetening without the guilt
A sachet of Sucra Diet equals the sweetness of 1.5 teaspoons of sugar
You can buy Sucra Diet in bulk (100gr.) to use as needed.


Oh, you're so sweet!

it was always hard for me to give up sugar. i tried almost every replacement, but the bad aftertaste always took me back to sugar. but let me tell you… i found it. sucra diet is just like the real thing. in fact, it is the real thing.

Dalia toledo


guys, i don’t know how you did it. but Mooosh is something else!  my kids (and me) can’t tell the difference between a cotton candy made out of 100% sugar and your product, made out of fiber. can’t stop snacking 🙂

Ruth landau


i tried several stevia’s brands before. i have to say that i was surprised to know that it’s actually matter which stevia you use. i love the gentle sweetness and that there is no aftertaste. by the way, great for cooking too!

Liad sharon