Site’s Policy
Welcome to the online shopping site “matok v’kal” (hereinafter: “Site”)

1. General:

1.1 This site is an e-commerce site that allows the surfers of the site (hereinafter: “the user” and / or “customer” and / or “customer”) to purchase a variety of consumer goods. The site is managed and operated by the site, sweet and easy, Ltd. (hereinafter: “The Company”), from Alon Tabor Street 15, Caesarea.
1.2 This regulations, as well as the famous “privacy policy” on the site, regulate the terms of use of the Site (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”), and applicable to any use of the site and / or purchase of products and / or services offered on the site, using any computer or media Other, between using the Internet and through each network or other media.
1.3 On-site use is subject to all the conditions included in this document and the privacy policy of the site. A user who does not agree to the said conditions, all or some, will not be allowed to use the site and / or services included in which it is for any purpose and the use of the site constitutes unconditional approval and / or unqualified, according to which the user read the provisions of the regulations and privacy policy conditions, as We will update from time to time, and he agrees to accept and act according to them.
1.4 The terms of use may change from time to time, according to the sole discretion of the Company and without prior notice or in retrospect. The updated text of the terms of use as published on the site will be the requiring and determined version of each date, even if there was a different version on the date of joining the user’s website and / or on the date of use. The full responsibility for recognizing the latest terms of use on the site applies only to the user.
1.5 The Company makes it careful to presenting updated content, correct and accurate on site and / or on the maintenance of the site, but it may appear on the inaccuracies and / or errors and / or disruptions and / or technical mishaps, which are not responsible for the following.
1.6 The Company may at any time, at its sole discretion and without prepayment or retrospect, update and / or change and / or remove the contents of the site, including the services included, all or some of them, limit access to website services and / or stop The activities of the site, all or eager, for a certain or unlimited period.
1.7 In any case of contradiction and / or discrepancy, of any kind and type which is between the content of the site and the terms of use, will increase and apply the terms of use. With regardless of the above, it is hereby clarified that alongside the terms of use in this regulations, individual conditions may apply to various operations, vouchers, assumptions, and soil, which do not eliminate the terms of use but are added.
1.8 The use of male tongue is made for convenience only and all of the provision of male and / or individuals, also relates to female language and / or many, respectively, except whether the content of things or connections requires another interpretation.

2. Using the site

2.1 The use of the site is only permitted to users 18 years of age or older. Actually use of any kind on site and / or site content than the user that discovered adult from 18 years.
2.2 The use of the site and / or content of the site, entirely or some of it is allowed for private, personal and non-commercial needs. There is absolute prohibition on the user and / or third party to do on the site and / or content content any commercial use, including creating a database, distribution records, and / or relocate, distribution, part of the site and / Or content content and / or regulations.
2.3 The site is designed for consumer customers only and for a retail sale only, designed for the user’s private needs. It is forbidden